Drug and Alcohol Intervention Now

The involvement of friends and family is often the only thing standing between life and death for an individual struggling with substance abuse. Though intervening in a loved one’s drug and/or alcohol abuse is an extremely sensitive and emotionally charged process, more is lost by waiting than acting. Even though it may be clear to friends, family and colleagues that a person needs professional treatment for drugs and alcohol, it’s rare that the individual will take it upon themselves to get help. It is most often incumbent upon the friends and families of substance abuse victims to take control of the situation. Our experienced and compassionate intervention experts understand the psychology of drug and alcohol abuse, and will help you and other intervention participants to demonstrate the devastating impact that your loved one’s drug and alcohol abuse has had on their lives and the lives of the people they care about. By conducting a compassionate professional drug and alcohol intervention, you can help your friend, family member, colleague or significant other take back control of their lives and restore stability and love to your respective relationship.

Identifying “Rock-Bottom” and Knowing When to Take Action

Ideally, the goal of an intervention is to prevent the proverbial “rock bottom” scenario that forces a person into drug or alcohol rehab against their will. In reality, however, many drug and alcohol abuse victims find themselves in desperate situations before their loved ones even recognize the severity of their situation. These situations often include incarceration, destitution, and significant decline in physical and mental health, as well as quality of life. The moment drugs and alcohol threaten your relationship, please call us. Drug and alcohol intervention now can help to prevent your loved one from reaching these points of desperation, or worse.

Expert, Compassionate and Honest Drug and Alcohol Intervention Professionals

Though your intentions are admirable, and your heart is in the right place, it’s critical to have a professional in your corner to ensure maximum success of an intervention. There are a lot of volatile and sensitive emotions involved in organizing a substance abuse intervention. Hurt feelings and bad blood can easily get in the way of the process ever getting off the ground. A professional interventionist will not see your loved one as a thief, safety risk or embarrassment, but as somebody whose actions and motivations have been hi-jacked by mind-altering substances and who needs quality professional help to get their lives back. There’s no such thing as an easy intervention; our goal is to ease the burden on you and the rest of your friends and family by providing guidance, experience and logistical support during the drug and alcohol intervention process. You’ve made the decision to take an active role in your loved one’s recovery. Let us help ensure you have every chance of success by organizing drug and alcohol intervention now. Our professionals are waiting to help guide the person you care about into treatment.

The Time To Stop the cycle of addiction is Now!
We are here 24/7 to help guide your family, answer your questions, and set up a potentially lifesaving intervention for your loved one.