Drug Intervention Now

Drug intervention is a proven and effective means of getting your loved one the help they need for their drug abuse. It’s estimated that approximately 30 million Americans regularly engage in drug abuse. Most of these individuals have family and friends whose involvement and support can mean the difference between abuse and addiction, and very often life and death. Drug intervention now will help to show your loved one the devastating impact that their drug abuse has had on their relationships, health and quality of life, and urge them to seek professional treatment for their drug abuse. It will also illustrate to them that they have a strong network of support and love, which can very often be an individual’s largest source of strength as they work toward recovery.

When to Organize a Drug Intervention

Once it becomes apparent that someone you care about has been engaging in drug abuse, whether it’s prescriptions or other illicit substances, it’s imperative that you and other loved ones start the intervention process. Some common indicators of escalating drug abuse include theft of money and valuables to buy drugs, loss of focus and interest in their professional and academic pursuits, consistent decline in appearance and noticeable mood changes and irritability. An individual who has been affected by drug abuse will often deny the influence that drugs have over them. Drug intervention now will allow concerned friends and family to clearly illustrate, via written testimonial, specific times in which drugs negatively impacted their lives.

Drug Intervention Specialists are Ready to Help

As much as you want to help your loved one, it can be an emotionally draining and frustrating process to try and get them help on your own. The experienced professional interventionists at Intervention Now can help properly orchestrate drug intervention now and even make treatment arrangements so that they can easily and quickly transition into a program. An interventionist will also help to keep judgment and undue criticism out of the process, and keep the meeting from becoming a forum for irrelevant and counterproductive bickering. There’s no question that drug intervention is an emotional process; however it’s critical not to let that emotion derail your efforts to get your loved one help. A drug intervention professional will provide an objective voice of moderation to ensure clear and constructive dialogue.

Answer Your Loved One’s Cry for Help

A tragic reality of drug abuse and addiction is that it causes loving, vibrant and compassionate people to do desperate, selfish and destructive things. This disease alters a person’s brain chemistry to the point where they are driven and guided entirely by the pursuit of their next fix. It takes control completely away from the individual and causes them to do things that they would never do under ordinary circumstances. Organizing a drug intervention now is a proactive and potentially lifesaving step in your relationship with a loved one who has been battling substance abuse. Whatever damage they’ve done to your family or friendship, it’s not too late to mobilize and get them the help they so desperately need.

The Time To Stop the cycle of addiction is Now!
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