Executive Intervention Now

One of the first indicators that an individual is battling substance is a decline in their professional performance. The physical and psychological toll that drugs and alcohol take make it nearly impossible to sustain a productive work life or develop healthy professional relationships. Whether their substance abuse stems from an internal issue or is directly related to the pressures of their professional lives, too many valuable and qualified employees have their careers derailed by drugs and drinking. We can help you organize an executive intervention now to help save your loved one or co-worker from falling further into drug and/or alcohol addiction. Executives who develop substance abuse problems due to the hectic and pressure-filled nature of their positions never leave their problems at the office. Once they start abusing drugs and alcohol, it’s only a matter of time before it permeates their entire life and drives family, friends and colleagues further and further away. Executives are often more vulnerable to addiction than others because of the anxiety and performance oriented nature of their lives. Very often, a drink or a pill to cope with the responsibilities of their positions leads to dependency, at which point it can be incredibly hard to convince them that they have a problem.

Organizing an Executive Intervention

Not often used in traditional interventions, the involvement of colleagues and co-workers can prove to be very beneficial for an executive intervention. These are the people that often get the most direct look into just how much drug and alcohol abuse has impacted an executive’s life. Our trained and experienced interventionists help bring colleagues and loved ones together to orchestrate an honest, compassionate executive intervention now. One of the biggest challenges can be convincing an executive that they have a problem. These are accomplished people, unwilling to admit weakness in any form, for fear that doing so might make them appear vulnerable. We will help you organize a group of concerned people to recite compelling and irrefutable testimony which illustrates the damaging affect that substance abuse has played in the life and relationships of an executive. Once they’re forced to come face to face with the reality of the problem, they won’t be able to deny that they need serious professional help. Should they agree to accept treatment, our professionals can guide them into a treatment program that respects their professional obligations and allows them to keep working while in treatment.

We’re Here to Help

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, and frankly intimidated, when organizing an intervention for an executive. Their positions of authority can leave many unwilling to honestly confront them about the reality of their problems. This is why family and friends usually end up initiating the intervention. Our professionals are standing by to simplify and streamline the executive intervention process, and use our years of experience to fight for the salvation of your loved one or colleague. We only want to see executives get the help they need for their drug or alcohol abuse, and will work with their loved ones and professional colleagues every step of the way to see that they do. Call us so we can help you organize executive intervention now.

The Time To Stop the cycle of addiction is Now!
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