Family Intervention Now

Families are often the unspoken casualties of drug and alcohol addiction. Nowhere is the stinging pain of a loved one’s substance abuse felt more than in their home. Professional family intervention can help illustrate to your loved one how their substance abuse has negatively impacted their relationships with every member of their family, and paint an illuminating picture of how severe their problem has become. Specific incidents demonstrating your loved one’s unhealthy behavior are key components of discussion during family intervention.

Warning Signs and When to Act

Family members often feel like they’re breaching a trust or going behind their loved one’s back by involving themselves in their substance abuse. Intervention is not an ambush or trespass, but a loving gesture that lets a person suffering from substance abuse know their family is behind them. Some signs that you may need to organize a drug or alcohol family intervention now include:

  • Verbal and/or physical aggression
  • Mismanagement or theft of family finances
  • Sudden increase in paranoia, irritability and depression
  • Disinterest in professional, academic or family involvement
  • Disregard for physical appearance or hygiene
  • Legal problems or incarceration
  • Constant bad moods that regularly affect family interaction

Hesitation is Your Worst Enemy

If you or your family could fix this problem on your own, you would have likely already done so. It’s important to remember that asking for help from a professional is not an act of defeat; it’s a proactive step in saving your loved one’s life. Addiction is a disease and must be treated as such. You shouldn’t attempt to organize your loved one’s intervention on your own, any more than you should endeavor to perform surgery on them. Each moment spent worrying or hesitating is a moment that can be spent trying to get your loved one the help they need before any further damage occurs. Professional intervention experts are standing by right now to help you organize a family intervention now.


The Time To Stop the cycle of addiction is Now!
We are here 24/7 to help guide your family, answer your questions, and set up a potentially lifesaving intervention for your loved one.