Paying It Forward

2 years ago today I made the decision to change everything about my life. I hated who I had become and although I don't hear it as much now I was certain most of the people in my life "strongly disliked" the person I had deteriorated into. I was a liar, untrustworthy, mean and so many other things that would take too long to list all because I was addicted to a drug that I couldn't imagine not having in my life. I needed it to wake up and I needed it to go to sleep and I would stop at nothing to get it. There was no jail that scared me and the thought of death was actually comforting in the end. When I used to picture what I wanted out of life it was always some fantasy that I would be able to have enough money for heroin everyday. Something finally broke inside of me and I was just too worn out to keep going on that path. My mother arranged for a professional intervention with Randy Grimes, who is a certified interventionist from Intervention Now. By the end of my intervention I agreed to go with Randy Grimes to an amazing rehab facility in Florida called Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches. When I started my treatment I couldn't imagine what I was going to do without having my crutch, but I decided that I would try and stick it out for awhile. Thirty days later after successfully completing my rehab treatment I took a job where I literally made no money. I had my car insurance paid and free rent at a halfway house that I managed. By this time I was truly grateful to be clean and able to imagine a life without all of the negativity. I got a small raise and was happy that someone actually trusted me and believed me when I spoke. It was a feeling I hadn't felt in a very long time. Over time as I kept proving myself I was trusted with more responsibilities and began to make more money. Today I am in charge of a 42-bed program and do consulting work. Now I have been given the opportunity to give back and help others who were just like me and are in desperate need of recieving treatment for their addiction. Sometimes I even volunteer to go with Randy Grimes from Intervention Now when he travels to help someone in need of an professional intervention. On these trips I remember back to when he first walked into my living room one night long ago. I remember how he asked me to trust him, and promised me he personally escort me to an excellent rehab where I could get the help I needed. When my counselor at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches told me she would rather see me get clean than to have a baby, was the moment I recognized how much BHOPB cares for its patients. I just broke down and thought to myself I must be the most selfish person on this planet. How could this woman care so much about me, when she had already told me how hard it was for her to get pregnant and putting my well being over hers was the moment my life changed for the better. The thing I enjoy the most in my life right now is being an uncle to the most beautiful little boy on the planet. I just recently bought my first boat and actually have a nice car that runs great and always has gas in it too. I have 2 of the most beautiful dogs in the world and a little dog from the neighborhood that chooses to chill at my house all the time. I have some of the best friends that any man could ask for all thanks to Randy Grimes professional interventionist and the staff at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches. All of you made it possible for me to be where I am today. You’ve given me the opportunity to live a life I never thought would be possible for me. And most importantly thank you for loving me when I hated myself, and never giving up on me even though I had already given up on myself.  

Patrick Q, FL

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