Sober Companion and Sober Coach Services

Our commitment to our clients doesn’t stop when they enter treatment. During the transition between residential and extended care, patients are very often vulnerable to relapse and temptation. It can be overwhelming to try and fulfill your post-treatment plan on your own. Our sober coach and sober companion services give clients the guidance and assistance they need to stay focused on their recovery, and prevent them from derailing all of the progress they made during treatment. The pressures and burdens of trying to reconnect with the world and build a new life after addiction can cause many patients to once again turn to drug or alcohol abuse. Our sober coaches and companions will provide emotional support and logistical assistance as you attempt to make this hurdle.

Sober Companion Services

Sober companionship is a helpful resource during a client's transition into treatment. In addition to the fear and uncertainty of venturing out of their comfort zone to enter a program, treatment-bound clients can often experience a change of heart regarding the idea of sobriety altogether. The sober companions at Intervention Now will travel with your loved one to their treatment program, providing the emotional support they need to successfully enter their facility and embrace recovery. Although your loved one has agreed to enter treatment, they are still incredibly fragile and vulnerable during this early stage of their recovery.  Our sober companion services give them the benefit of an experienced supporter and advocate to reinforce that they made the right decision, and facilitate an easy and comfortable transition into recovery.

Sober Coach Services

Our sober coaching services provide the guidance, support and advocacy clients need to successfully transition into a sober lifestyle after completing residential treatment. The pressures and obstacles of readjusting to their families and the world around them can increase clients' chances of relapse.  Lasting anywhere from 3 to 12 months (depending on clients' needs) our sober coaching services provide a support system that helps clients stay on track and rebuild their lives during recovery.  We will help clients to develop a comprehensive plan of action that builds on the tools they gained at their treatment facility and work to guide them safely toward further progress. Our coaches know from experience that implementing structure, routine and normalcy in daily life can be very hard for someone in recovery. They often face enormous logistical obstacles once they’re out on their own, such as housing issues, job placement, 12-step meetings, legal issues, etc. We offer these services to give our clients every possible chance of success.

It’s our mission to help our clients continue their success after recovery so that all of their hard work and perseverance pays off. Our sober coach and sober companion services help them stay on track as they gradually build the rewarding and full lives they deserve.

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